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I'm always open to new oportunities and ideas so feel free to contact me via the email below.

My name is Stephen Warwick and I'm currently working at Sony London Studio as an Environment Artist and OS Supervisor, working specificly with Playstation VR. I leaise with our OS Vendors and artists directly and ensure they hit internal standards set by our arti director and leads. To achieve this the team I work with provide daily feedback, fire fight technical issues and facilitate friendly and effective comminication between studios.

My key skills and passion lie in problem solving and team collaboration. I consider myself a fast learner and a hard worker - I always try to improve my art by learning new techniques and software. I'm also a good communicator and team-player and not afraid to take initiative to get things going if needed, ensuring effective completion of high quality work, completed on time. I pride myself on my ability to work under pressure and coordinate with the team for large projects.

I specialise in PBR, 3DS Max, Maya, Unity and others.

Other key skills include Substance Designer, painter, ZBrush.

I am also involved with several indie projects, varying in style and genre. I've also contributed with voice acting on multiple occasions.

Outside of work I enjoy photography, cooking and art.


Blood and Truth - Playstation VR

CSR2 - Iphone and Android
TurboSuperDrift - Iphone and Android
Unannounced title
It's Hardly Rocket Science - VR
Tomorrow's Arrival - Steam greenlight
Carmageddon Reincarnation - PC, PS4, Xbox one
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - PS3, Xbox 360
Driver: San Francisco - PS3, Xbox 360
Runescape - PC
Fable: Heroes - Xbox Arcade
Fable: The journey - Xbox 360 Kinect