Tomorrow's Arrival

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Art by Anna Grudeva

Tomorrow's Arrival is a first-person resource management simulator integrated with sandbox gameplay elements. Set on the moon Titan, you are the first human to set foot on the newly transitioned celestial body. As Earth's atmosphere decays at an ever increasing rate, you are Humanities last hope to a safe and sustainable future. You have been tasked with making Titan as hospitable as possible before the rest of Humanity arrives.

The player must build up their station by collecting drops sent from Earth containing parts such as oxygen tanks, solar panels, generators, structural extenders and more; all designed to enable the player to survive, with the ultimate objective being; to create a fully autonomous and self-sufficient environment. Additionally, the player must manage and repair their station, which has been damaged by external forces such as weather, wear and tear, and other events. The player must make sure they allocate their resources proportionally to areas which are vital for survival. Failure to do so can result in the player reaching an end to their station's growth, potentially setting them back in their mission.

Tomorrow's arrival has now been Steam Greenlight