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CSR 2 Minigame - Mobile - iPhone & Android

Game pitching, Game design, Pixle Art

During CSR2's development, we always pictured what the game could look like with a retro style. Through many months of hard work, CSR2 was finally released, and we the art team were presented with a new challenge, what to do next. We decided to explore many avenues, the retro style being one, and ended up in our spare time prototyping a whole new way to play CSR2 based on classics like OutRun and Pole Position. During one of our show and tells, we demo'd what we had put together, and our leads were so impressed with what we had done they encouraged us to continue and allowed us to add it in to production. We discussed releasing it separately, but decided on adding it to CSR2 as a free update. Players past a certain point would be told about the newly refurbished arcade cabinet in their garage, which when selected would boot up TurboSuperDrift.

It was a challenge learning a new style, one that I enjoyed massively. Most of my work involved vegetation, props and animated sprits. I also did some touch ups on the Ferrari, as well as texturing the arcade cabinet.

  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • Retro Pixle Art